Residential Services

Residential Fixed Wireless Broadband with Prioritization (Yes, we did it first):

Sureline delivers secure, reliable broadband speeds at affordable prices in Central Oregon, as well as those hard to reach places throughout Central Oregon, and we do it with the service and support you’d expect. We offer most all payment methods, and secure Credit/Debit card auto-billing for ease. Sureline Broadband is a "Premier" Service Provider.

We do things a little bit differently--we focus on Bandwidth, and your needs as to what you actually use your internet for. Just surfing, streaming, 4K, or multiple streams, we feel making it work for you, is most important, and know speed, while important, might not get you all you need; and have added some extra layers of focus in to be sure your internet is what you feel it should be.

We have added Fiber to the home/premise, and upgraded and installed new and necessary equipment to run near fiber speeds.
Sureline uses Time Division Multiplexing to ensure that your speeds stay consistent and you get what you pay for--Speeds are NOT affected during peak hours. We run our network at a 50% maximum at all times, and traffic is Prioritized for the use of applications such as Netflix, Facebook, and other busy sites that need priority. Sureline uses both IPv4 and the new IPv6 technology.

Unlimited/no caps, no contracts, no taxes or additional fees on your bill; packages customized for your needs. We are very different from others: Experienced Network Engineers providing advanced technology so "Prioritization" is used when it is needed, and to those whom need it. If "everyone", and "every" application is "Prioritized"...wouldn't this make everything the same? So...we at Sureline have engineered the "prioritization" to darn near perfection, for our customers to have the best online experience possible.

The only certified Ubiquiti Wireless Service Provider in Central Oregon with official Academy training in programming, engineering and designing networks and recognized as a "Ubiquiti Carrier Wireless Admin (UCWA).

Because Speed, Bandwidth, and Throughput, really does matter...

Sureline offers the following packages to optimize performance: (All packages are Unlimited Data/ No Data Caps, no taxes or extra fees on your bill. Full Duplex. Email is also offered on packages of $59.00 and above, your choice of address, domain ending with: @mtjeff.com, @madras.net, or palmain.com)

  • $39.00 per month
  • Perfect for surfing the web and reading emails and connecting one to two network devices.

  • $49.00 per month
  • Perfect for surfing the web and reading emails, streaming one SD video at a time, and connecting one – three network devices.

  • $59.00 per month
  • Perfect for surfing the web and reading emails, streaming one HD video or streaming two SD videos at a time, and connecting one – four network devices.

  • $69.00 per month
  • Perfect for surfing the web and reading emails, streaming two HD videos at a time, and connecting multiple network devices.

  • $89.99 per month "Gamers Package"
  • High Priority on the network; lower latency, 24/7 on call support (Just in case, by chance you notice a problem before we do, or have an internal network concern.)

    We also understand that when it comes to gaming, your Internet connection speed and latency counts — big. You can be the most skilled and talented player in the world, but if your Internet connection doesn’t deliver, you won’t be able to deliver. Sureline has developed the service just for gamers...and heavy Streamers).


    Currently offering packages throughout Central Oregon from 3Mbps up to 200Mbps. Give us a call if your needs are outside of the listed packages. We can customize anything you may desire.


Equipment and miscellaneous notes of importance--we want you to have all of the fine print up front, with no surprises:

  • No contracts: No taxes, surcharges or extra miscellaneous fees.
  • You may also opt to enter into a contract, for up to one year to guarantee pricing on your packages.

  • Service availability and delivery method dependent on address.
  • Prior to installation, Sureline will conduct a complimentary site evaluation to determine the fastest speed available to your location. We also have access to a bucket truck for use in hard to reach locations.
  • Monthly prices are a flat rate, we do not pass along taxes and surcharges to our customers (NO hidden charges. The package you choose is the amount you pay).
  • Internet service requires NO rental fee on basic equipment--we provide these free, for your use. You will need to have your own router, or you can purchase one for cost price.
  • 30 day written service cancellation notice is required.
  • Secure billing and invoicing are all available to our customers online, and you will have access to pay your bill, view past invoices, and open service tickets right from your online account, or by phone.
  • We know switching from an existing Fixed Wireless Provider (WISP) is sometimes tough, try us...there is no charge for your installation if you move from another WISP to Sureline Broadband, and we will work with you to match pricing (speed and latency does really matter)--you must let us know at sign up if this is your situation, so we can make adjustments to our normal setup/installation fee (No Refunds on Setup). You may also qualify for other promotions currently being offered; such as free or 1/2 price months of service, Senior and College student discounts, low income, and many others.. Please phone us for more information.

To Order Online now, or to see if we can provide service (most likely we can, but just in case) to your address (please check yes to the "Site Survey" only if you are not ordering service at this time), please complete the following form:

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Questions? Contact us here , to receive an email response, check out our FAQ sheet, or some of our References.