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Sureline Broadband Why is Sureline Broadband better than the rest of our competitors?

With today's marketing lingo when it comes to evaluating and picking an internet provider, it is no wonder most people are confused with what company to go with, let alone what technology to choose. Below you will see a breakout of the different internet technologies for delivering broadband to your house or business. Sureline Broadband is a Telecommunications Company, we use only Carrier Class equipment, with a true Telecom Backbone, and we are local!

We uses Fiber, and wireless spectrum, similar to what your cell phone use, only better. Better, because it is known as Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet, and instead of using a small phone for example, we have a small dish on the roof of your house pointing directly back to our tower, which is fed directly from Portland and Idaho for redundency over Fiber.

This provides a strong signal, increased speeds, and minimal latency for a better broadband internet experience. This also bypasses the "share the fiber/DSL/Copper line" with every neighbor on your street. Wired providers, like Cable and DSL have two major technical issues that interfere with the way your broadband internet is delivered to your home or business. Cable for example, uses a shared medium where only one device can talk at a time. Even though we are talking milliseconds before your device "gets" to talk on the network, those add up when you have about 200 or more neighbors trying to use the internet at the same time. Sureline Broadband internet has dedicated time slots, so everyone can "talk" and everyone can "listen" at the same time. This ensures that everyone gets the same speed at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and at 11 o'clock pm in the so called "Peak TImes". Sureline Broadband is not scared of customers using too much internet.

We believe, that the more internet people use, the better the world is. Other companies like to give penalties, or they say "Data Caps" to get more money out of you. We just want you to use your internet for entertainment, work, and whatever you want since you are paying for it. What is the point of 100Mbps speed if you have a data cap? You will just reach the data cap faster is all, allowing them to either slow your internet down again, or charge you more money.

Other providers have to deal with cable and fiber cuts. Since our network is "wireless", and redundant off fiber fed wirelessly, we are not affected by these cuts, or regulated. That means that there is far less interruptions in your broadband internet service.

That is great news...since no one enjoys their TV or internet to go out in the middle of football games, or while watching a movie you've waited months to see. Customer service is the focus for Sureline Broadband. We have 24/7/365 engineers and technicians on call for the rare service interruptions.

We also know our customers personally as we are a small local company. Our owners, employees, and contractors are grateful for our customers, and your hard earned money that you pay to us for your Broadband Internet and phone service, stays right here in our local communities where our owners, employees, and contractors all live, work and play (when we have the time)!

We appreciate each and every customer. We know the bigger companies loose sight of that as they grow, and you become just "another customer". At Sureline Broadband, we have setup our network with 33 plus towers and growing, just in the Madras, Redmond, Bend, Culver, Metolius, Three Rivers, Lapine, Powell Butte, Prineville, and the and Sisters area. Why so many? We want the closest tower your house or business to keep signals as strong possible, and to be sure there is not saturation (slowness during busy times typically experienced with cable.), and also for redundancy.

Areas We Serve:

97701 Tumalo 97741 Gateway 97741 Agency Plains 97741 Metolius 97701 Alalpha 97760 Terrebonne 97707 Sunriver 97741 Madras 97753 Powell Butte 97704 Bend 97756 Redmond 97739 La Pine 97759 Sisters 97701 Bend 97708 Bend 97734 Culver 97001 Antelope 97754 Prineville 97702 Bend 97711 Ashwood

We also serve the Salem, OR, Portland, OR, and Vancouver Markets, as well as sites in Texas, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, Alabama, and Mexico.